Creating Lasting Memories : Preserving and Displaying Mother's Day Flowers

There are a number of easy and original ways to preserve cut flowers, so when your mother sees her dried or preserved Mother's Day Floral Arrangements in the months following receiving, she'll remember how considerate you were.

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For many mothers, the fresh flowers they receive on Mother's Day are among the highlights of their special day. But it is heartbreaking to watch those lovely blooms gradually fade over the course of the next week. If there was a way to extend the time your mom could cherish those flowers and the memory of your gift, wouldn't that be nice? Fortunately, there are a number of easy and original ways to preserve cut flowers, so when your mother sees her dried or preserved Mother's Day Floral Arrangements in the months following receiving, she'll remember how considerate you were.

1. Press flowers between wax paper

One simple method for preserving flowers is to press them in between sheets of wax paper. You will need to gather the flowers from a local florist in Austin Tx you want to preserve them right after receiving them. Make sure they are completely dry. Then, carefully place each flower or flower arrangement between two sheets of wax paper. Use a heavy book on top to apply pressure as the flowers dry out completely. This usually takes around two weeks. Once dried, the flowers can be displayed in frames or between the pages of books as keepsakes.

2. Dry flowers in silica gel

Silica gel is a desiccant material that efficiently draws moisture out of botanicals to dry them fully while keeping their shape, color, and texture intact. Pour silica gel beads or crystals into a shallow airtight container, then place the flower stems in without crowding them. Seal the container and allow at least two weeks for thorough drying. Handle dried flowers carefully as they will be very fragile. Silica gel drying yields long-lasting pressed flowers for display.

3. Preserve flowers in resin

Pouring liquid resin over Mother's Day Flowers allows the resin to harden and encapsulate the flowers in a protective transparent layer. This preservation method maintains the blooms' original vibrant colors and three-dimensional quality. You will need an epoxy or acrylic resin kit, flower arrangements, and display bases like frames or paperweights. Follow the resin mixing and pouring instructions carefully. Allow proper curing time before displaying the resin-preserved flowers.

4. Make pressed flower art

After Mother's Day Flower Delivery, get creative by pressing flowers between the pages of old books or magazines to make pressed flower artwork. Cut out words, quotes, or shapes from paper and insert flowers in an artistic pattern. Use short-stemmed blooms for this or trim stems very short before placing. Once complete, use a heavy book or boards and weights to apply pressure as the flowers air dry for 2-3 weeks. The resulting pressed flower art pieces make thoughtful framed gifts or decorations.

5. Photo-preserve bouquets and arrangements

Even though cut flowers from any flower shop in Austin will ultimately wilt, you can capture the flowers you gifted your mom in a photograph as a lovely memory. Carefully compose flower bouquets and arrangements on a table, outdoors, or in other scenic locations before photographing them. Aim to depict as much texture, color, and detail as possible. Consider printing the photos on nice paper to frame as wall art for your mom to enjoy reminiscing about your thoughtfulness each Mother's Day.

6. Dry floral wreaths and crowns

If you made your mom a creative floral wreath or crown as a gift, these can also be preserved to last longer through air-drying. Ensure flowers are completely dry before hanging the wreath or placing the crown in a dry, well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight. It may take 4-6 weeks to fully dry. As flowers dehydrate, the structure will retain its shape. Display dried wreaths and crowns year-round on doors or mantels.

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